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Don't Settle for Settling

We all know the phrase, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." However, what we often fail to take into consideration is the fact that life is constantly throwing every kind fruit our way while we are focused on the lemons... Too many people these days take the easiest route, the safe choice, the more familiar idea, and decide to run with that as far as they can because after all we are all scared to death of being even the slightest bit different from society right? Let me tell you, I am the first person to relate to this way of thinking. Anyone that knows me knows that I like to plan things out. I like to know what is going on at all times and what will come after. It is because of this very reason that I found myself settling in life. I settled for the amount of work I was putting into my grades because it was getting an A. I was settling in my relationships because I was comfortable; I knew there was better out there for both of us, but what we had wasn't too bad so why not stay where we were? I was settling for a life of going through the motions because that was what I had come to know. Now, here is where you would expect some crazy moment of enlightenment where the clouds parted in the sky and I found the answers to living a life outside of the norm that I had been living.... Well that's not the case. I didn't have some life altering experience that changed everything, what I had was faith and hope. I had faith in God that he created me for a purpose and hope that if I took the jump that He would show me this purpose. You see, maybe it's not about accepting what you have at this very moment... maybe it's about seeing where you can be and refusing to go anywhere but there. Am I saying that we should all be negative about our current position and only be happy when we reach our main goal? Of course not! There will always be another goal and we must make the best of the situation that we are in at every moment. However, this does not mean that we settle. Recognize that there are so many options in your life, so many opportunities that we simply must open our eyes to see. I am finally finding joy in the journey, meaning in the challenges, and perseverance to keep my goals high and my faith higher. So don't settle for settling. Go make an impact on this world and together let's change the way of thinking for our society. I believe in you:)

With love,


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