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Fall in Love

Fall in love with life. Fall in love with music that shakes your soul. Fall in love with the colors in the sunset that paint your heart. With the smile of a stranger passing by; with your favorite book that allows you to escape into a world you will never know; with the cheesy quotes that you find online that speak to you despite the fact that they define the word "cliche". Be passionate, open-minded, crazy. Don't settle for the thought that your life is ordinary. You cannot possibly look up at the stars on a clear night and tell me that this life is anything but inexplicably extraordinary in every sense of the word. Fall in love with Jesus and with the idea that the same God who made those stars was thinking of you when He made them. Find unity with the people around you, the world around you, the vibes around you. Go for a drive with the windows down, feel the air, feel the peace. Sit on a park bench, soak in the sunshine, soak in the light of positive thinking. Learn to laugh again, to smile from the inside out. Learn to see beyond yourself. Learn to find yourself within the little things. Learn to love again with all of your being. There is so much life to live in this world dear. Go live it and live it well. Learn to fall in love with the world around you and darling, it will do the same.


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