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That Kind of Love

I want "The Notebook" kind of love. I want a love that people spend years trying to put into words. I want something so real, so true, so full that people watch our story over and over again because it makes them feel something that they cannot explain. I want a "hanging from a Ferris Wheel" kind of love. The kind that you know you could fall at any moment, but you know you won't because you know how the story ends. I want a "If you're a bird, I'm a bird" kind of love. The kind that you know you are in this together even if you can be a tad crazy. I want a breakfast dinners with your family and stories about you childhood that explain just about everything as to why you are the way that you are kind of love. I want the fearless lying in the middle of the street just to watch the street lights change kind of love. I want a big white house with blue shutters and a porch that wraps all the way around kind of love. I want to prove people wrong when they say that that kind of love only exists in the movies. And when they ask you about me, I don't want overused words and lines strung together; I want a simple, "That's my sweetheart." This is what I am preparing myself for because I want to be able to give someone else "The Notebook" kind of love that I dream about. And maybe, just maybe, I'll get a few good songs out of it in the long run;)

- Shelb

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