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It is 6:09 on a Wednesday night and I am sitting outside of a Nashville coffee shop pondering life and you know what I have come to the conclusion of? I am going to be okay. I have traveled 2,224.2 miles to create memories with people that I'll never meet again in cities that taught my heart to love during a summer of singing songs and living them. I marched on a bridge with thousands of others to promote women's rights. And I'm going to be okay. I have written hundreds of songs and played some for crowds that were moved by the words brought to life with the help of some amazing friends. I have danced in the rain and cried at a sunset view. And I am going to be okay. I have had my heart broken in two, then stitched back together, sewn on my sleeve, and hidden for what seems like forever. I have made mistakes and made amends. I have fallen in love with my best friend. And I... I am going to be okay. Do I have it all together? My life tied up in a pretty bow? No, but I will be okay. I will find myself, find love for myself, and find the courage to never look back without the recognition that every moment in my life has brought me to this little silver table for one outside of a coffee shop overlooking the city that I can finally call my own. I am getting there day by day and getting stronger by the second. I am not sure where I am going, but I know that I am getting closer. So many things that I have yet to learn but I know, I know that I will be okay. No, I will be more than okay. I will move the world with two small hands painted with dollar store nail polish and a cross bracelet to remind me of where I came from.


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